Punching machine FA 500

Foratrice automatica FA500 – Automatic punching machine FA500


The punching machine FA 500 encloses all the most important elements to meet the market needs: speed, precision, power.

The step is controlled and monitored by the PLC, supported by a touch screen.

With the FA 500, can be saved programs with a fixed step or variable both in lengths that repetitions, control the speed up to 300 beats / min. and the possibility of developing the tool with more rows of punches

The 5.5 KW motor power and a solid mechanical structure, ensure the realization of all the processes.

The punching depth is adjustable even during the processing phase without disassembling or loosen mechanical parts. Furthermore, by mounting special tools, you can create carve, shingling, micro punching total or template, platings.


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